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It’s my turn to make dinner tomorrow. What should I make?

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I think I look nice today





I think I look nice today



  • yes


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Minecraft giveaway!

  • Prize 1. A Minecraft gift code that allows full play of the game.
  • Prize 2. A foam stone pickaxe! (Come on, that is just awesome)
  • Prize 3. A pixel diamond necklace. (Also fucking awesome)

You can pick either of these 3!

But there are some rules.

  1. Only 5 reblogs a day, don’t spam it because that just makes it unfair for others who aren’t spamming.

  2. You don’t have to be following me, but followers are appreciated.

  3. You obviously have to enjoy Minecraft, don’t try andwin just to take these away from other people, that would be a dick move

Also, there are no shipping restrictions.

The axe and necklace are fairly light and won’t cost much.

Contest will end june 10th and I will pick 2 random winners!

Good luck to all who participate!!

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we saw this moth outside of dunkin donuts today!! we called it tumblr moth. i have never seen a fluffy tumblr moth

it was a special occasion. also it vibrated  for some reason

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acceptable pet names:

  • babe
  • baby
  • sweetie
  • cutie pie
  • darling
  • honey

unacceptable pet names:

  • boo boo sweetie oojy woojy poogy poo
  • cthulu 
  • sweet devil prince in the pale moon light
  • Leslie
  • floor
  • 2% milk
  • Ella Fitzgerald
excuse me I think the titles accidentally got flip-flopped I find floor extremely attractive

uh yeah cthulu’s not a good pet name
you spelled it wrong


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